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Period Calendar

Period calculator, an ovulation and menstruation calendar, a mood and symptom tracker all in one app!

Be in charge and never forget when you are having your period with custom reminders.

Take the guesswork out of when you have your period and for how long.

The unique Absorbency Advisor Tampax OpTiMi will provide custom recommendations
Know which tampon absorbency to use and for how long and say bye bye to leaks and discomfort! Six easy steps and you get a custom recommendation. It even comes with a reminder function!
Back it up!

Gone are the days when changing your phone meant losing your data! We back it up so if you lose your phone or decide to change it you always have your information so you never miss a beat!

Works across operating systems so no worries if you change from an android device to an apple or vice versa.

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