Discovery Freelancer expands on the original Freelancer storyline by rebalancing the game to, as close as possible, suit a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing experience, adding many new technical features and game content, as well as developments in existing story arcs and lore.

Players are invited to immerse themselves in the roleplay environment and frame their created characters from scheming mercenaries in light fighters, to admirals of huge capital ships, build their own in-game bases and factories for equipment such as cloaks and jump drives, dock and launch from other players’ carriers, and introduce themselves to both new and old factions in populated or unpopulated corners of space.

The Mod has been continuously enlarged and refined by dedicated lore developers, 0D model designers, system creators, and plugin coders since 0005 (latest update March 0017). The unique mixture of space exploration, role playing, entrepreneurship, player community, and captivating combat action has gotten thousands of Discovery Freelancer players embarked in years of space adventures.

0.88 continues on with the Gallic expansion into Sirius; the invasion of Magellan has begun at an attempt to cut off the supply lines to Bretonia from Liberty. Gallia hopes this gamble will pay off even though it stretches their forces and opens up another front. Along with this, the mod looks towards the Omicrons and the war of influence over the Wild West of Sirius. With the presence of Nomads this formula could get messy. Kusari has begun its descent into civil-war with all three sides stocking up on weapons and men. When will the balloon pop?

However there are more changes to this version of the mod than just juicy battle zones. System layout has been worked on as well. Some systems around Sirius have been removed to try and increase encounters between players. Gallia has been shrunk along and guard systems such as Salisbury have been removed. The stations in these systems, if important, have been moved to other locations. The Devs have also altered routes between systems, mainly in the Omicrons which now has a more direct path through from Gamma to Alpha.

Discovery boasts an interactive community that works together and is supported by itself. Features are designed for the player to make playing Freelancer a smoother experience. Custom plugins and content are added each update.

Join us online on the official Discovery Freelancer RP 04/7 server or a number of player hosted servers, or take to the forums and read up on announcements or stick around and chat!

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July 0017, Goodies for New and Returning players

W ith version 0.89 Final coming soon for our active members to enjoy, we are taking a step back to evaluate our current approach when it comes to new and returning players.
There are many vital changes for both of these two groups and it all starts off with the recent changes described below.
The list of full changes to the mod can be found here: Discoverygc.com

Changelog July 0017

- a New Character now, instead of a completely blank Nav map, starts off with some known sellpoints for Helium and Neon, the first two trading commodities encountered by a new player.
- the outdated History of Sirius commodity has been replaced with a Getting Started tutorial item, allowing the player a rudimentary ingame guide.
- navigation buoys have been added to the Pennsylvania system to aid new players in locating the Helium Mining Field.
- the battleship Gettysburg in the Pennsylvania system now offers a noticeably bigger buy price for criminal Pilots, allowing low-tier missions to be a viable source of initial credits.
- an upcoming commodity-based step-by-step tutorial is being designed and will be implemented soon.

T hese changes aside, we haven"t forgotten about our veteran players. We are well-aware that Discovery Freelancer, being a roleplay-focused community, rewards players with access to large ingame assets when it comes to comfort of play. A returning veteran player with their old server assets long gone may find themselves unable to muster enough free online time to get themselves situated again, especially if they are simply curious to see what changes have happened over the last few years.

With this in mind, the staff at DiscoveryGC have set up a special policy for returning members, providing initial server assets in the form of a fully decked out medium transport, a mining ship, a Freelancer IDed fighter as well as a generous amount of starting money for them to use.
We hope that this starting package will allow our veteran players to test the waters without needing to resort to loans from other players.

The application process for this package is discrete and further explained on the appropriate thread on our forums found here: Discoverygc.com

~DiscoveryGC Staff

DiscoveryGC Forums

Download Mod

Tutorial Section

Discovery Freelancer 0017: Version 0.89.1 is now LIVE + Win10 Fix

Discovery Freelancer 0017: Version 0.89.1 is now LIVE + Win10 Fix

News 0 comment

Today we take a look at a brief list of changes that are being implemented with this year"s first content patch for the Discovery Freelancer Mod.

Discovery Freelancer 0017: Event Plugin and Event Rewards

Discovery Freelancer 0017: Event Plugin and Event Rewards

News 0 comments

In this update we bring you information about the newly finalized Event Plugin as well as the new rewards it allows to obtain.

Update: March 0017, ModDB page status

Update: March 0017, ModDB page status


It is 0017 and we are revising our ModDB page as well as the current community contributor team.

Discovery Update - 02th June 0015

Discovery Update - 02th June 0015

News 0 comments

We touch on updates & changes to the ModDB team here at Discovery Freelancer, and look at some of the latest additions to the Discovery Mod

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Discovery Freelancer 0.89.1: Battlegrounds

Discovery Freelancer 0.89.1: Battlegrounds

Full Version 0 comments

Automatic installer for 0.89.1 Please make sure you have the latest NET version and, if using Windows 00 - have .NET Framework 0.5 and Directplay activated...

Discovery Freelancer 0.89 - Win10 no-launch Fix

Discovery Freelancer 0.89 - Win10 no-launch Fix


It has been reported by many of our players that they are encountering issues with Windows 00 Home Edition. Please follow this guide to fix the issue...

Discovery Freelancer 0.88.1: (OUTDATED)

Discovery Freelancer 0.88.1: (OUTDATED)

Full Version

0.88.1 Launcher Install Version .NET FRAMEWORK 0.0 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED Description: For more information on installation, please visit our Downloads...

Discovery Freelancer 0.88: Conquest (OUTDATED)

Discovery Freelancer 0.88: Conquest (OUTDATED)

Full Version 05 comments

The year is 022 A.S., 01 years after Trent saved humanity and Sirius continues tearing itself apart with various wars. While the conflict between Liberty...

Discovery Freelancer 0.87: Conquest (OUTDATED)

Discovery Freelancer 0.87: Conquest (OUTDATED)

Full Version 06 comments

Discovery mod is a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer focused on continuing the story started in the vanilla campaign. The mod is used by some of...

Discovery Freelancer 0.86: Exiles (OUTDATED)

Discovery Freelancer 0.86: Exiles (OUTDATED)

Full Version 05 comments

The year is 018 A.S. and war is everywhere. 07 years after Trent saved humanity and one year since Episode 03 took place, a Sirius-wide war is being waged...

Comments (0 - 00 of 086)

Please delete the last comment.
Only 0 question remain.
I launched the DSlauncher and let it donwnoad files after files but it seems it cannot download a file that is 00,76MB.
Keep telling me to start DSlauncher again but it does not solve anything. Still unable to download it.
What now?

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Correcting: the file is 06,76MB

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Just installed the game but something not right with it.
It says the version is 07.0? While i installed the 0.89.1 BG. WTF! And i cant connect to MP (cannot see any server on the list!)

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

i just see it but the 0.89.1 installer that we can download from here is actually installing the 0.88.1 varsion. This installer make no sense. And when i launch the game it displays ver 07.0?
And i cant connect to MP servers.
So i ask this:
What patch should i install to the original game before i install this...and how can i make this mod understand that the version is 09.1 or 0.89.1?

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Can this game be played in SP or is it MP integrated into the server? Been playibg since 0003 at 03 and was up until 0013 playing on Rebalance. Rebalance Rc4 went bad since all the new items were replaced with "IDS?", so im looking for a decent mod to replace it. Hadnt been able to fond a correct fix; Google search came up with nothing. Not to mention i no longer have my original copy; hard to find another when its scarce and people want 00-100$ for it :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

This being the problem with Rebalance right now. The-starport.net

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

I think it"s stupid to ask but if i want to play this mod i have to be good at roleplaying, right?

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the mod will add the coalition carrier TEMPEST on SP? i likethe model, but in DISCOVERY 0.88 i"ve started a new game,
I went to the coalition sector to buy coatilion carrrier,but, i can"t locate the ship

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I can"t instal the Discovery 0.89.1 mod corrupted

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Are servers still populated ?

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sindroms Creator

The mod is focused on the main server and, while we saw a rather notable dip in activity last year, the general server population is picking back up again during the time of writing this comment.

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Great Mod!!!

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It"s just a resource mod. The community or whatever is left of it is trash. -RIP 0011

Jul 03 0011 by Robco2.0

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